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We invite you to write a review of any room you have visited recently. To submit a review, go to that property's "Full Details" page and click on the "Write a Review" tab at the bottom.

The purpose of guest reviews is to allow potential guest to read about the actual experiences of those who have stayed in one of our rooms. This kind of first-hand information can be very helpful for others in determining whether a room will suit their needs. Thank you for taking time to share your experience with other guest! Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

Prior to being posted on our site, your submission will be reviewed.

If your comments follow the guidelines below, your review will be posted to the site within a few days. We do not edit or revise the content of reviews in any way.  If we have a question or concern regarding the content, we will contact you before we post the review.

  • A review must be written by a person who has actually stayed in one of our rooms and is describing their experience during that stay. We have the right to verify your date of stay with the property before we post your review.
  • We will not post any reviews containing content that is profane, threatening, libelous, deceptive, sexually explicit, fraudulent, hateful, used for extortion purposes, potentially harmful to an individual, or—in any other way—inappropriate. No advertising or commercial promotion. No political or religious commentary. We want your honest opinion, but please stick to the facts and provide helpful and productive information that will be of use to other guest.  Do we actually need to define “inappropriate?”  You know what we mean. Be honest but play nice, everyone.
  • All reviews received whether positive or negative are thoroughly reviewed. In the case of a negative review, a response from the property can be left if desired.
  • Once you have posted a review for a particular room, there is a waiting period before you can post another review of the same room.  If you visit the property again and wish to post a new review based on that stay, you may do so 90 days after your previous review was submitted for that room.

When you submit a review, you agree to abide by the above guidelines. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to withhold or remove reviews that violate the above guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding the review process, contact us.

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